Hannah Heitz, Health Educator, Blogger, Fit University Ambassador and Pilates Fanatic

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Meet Hannah Heitz, Health Educator, Blogger, Fit University Ambassador and Pilates Fanatic.

Read her powerful interview below. Welcome to the powerful yogurt team!

You can al follow her on Instagram at @craving_happy

hannah-heitzPY: Tell us a little about who you are, what you do now and how you became the athlete you are today.

I am a self-described holistic health enthusiast with a focus on balanced living and public health. I am a junior at Emory University in Atlanta, GA where I am able to pursue my passions of encouraging healthy, balanced lifestyles on campus through various organizations and clubs. My love of cooking developed at a young age and it has been a journey of creativity, connection, and fun. As a FitFluential and Fit University ambassador, I promote healthy living in all realms, especially during the busy time of college. I believe everyone can find a form of exercise to fit their lifestyle and abilities. I am passionate about practicing Pilates (I love Blogilates!), but love exploring other options and continuously strive to find new exercise challenges to maintain both my physical and mental health.

PY: How frequently do you train, and how do you train?

I look at fitness as more of a lifestyle than periods of training; I aim to practice Pilates at least five times a week. I enjoy it so much that I frequently practice six times a week without a second thought! I follow the Blogilates calendar and supplement with other workout routines when I want to push myself even further.

PY: Any dietary advice you have for others?

My dietary advise is listen to your body; no one else knows how you are feeling or what foods suit your body’s needs better than you do.

PY: How did you discover Powerful Yogurt products?

I discovered Powerful Yogurt products on Instagram!

PY: What do you love about PY products from a taste and nutrition standpoint?

What I love most about Powerful Yogurt products is that they contain probiotics and aim to minimize unnecessary ingredients, while keeping the products high in protein and low in sugar!

PY: What’s your favorite PY product flavor? 

My favorite Powerful Yogurt products? It is a tie between the chocolate coconut and yogurt creme bar!

PY: What’s your idea of a killer weekend?

Curling up with a good book, good friends, hot tea, and chocolate.

Instagram: craving_happy

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